2. You’re Doing Great!!!

                  After an invitation for exhibiting “Bosnian Girl 2” at Art Fair Tbilisi, and not having funds to pay for a stand - I’ve decided to create a performative exhibition of my work in migration through the art fair; placing the “Bosnian Girl 2” and its statement on a trashy cloth hanger, showing thumbs up to everyone and documenting it badly.

Not having a stand because I'm poor to pay for one /// Showing thumbs up to everyone who could pay for one /// Making kids show middle fingers /// Confusing security guards /// Walking to each stand with my middle-finger-work on a cloth hanger /// Going to toilet and peeing, also eating a Kebab /// Making sure everyone feels that their work is great /// Being a Hypocrite /// Showing thumbs up next to a fancy car and they made me leave /// Wearing silk clothes /// Going out in the streets with my work /// Documenting it all with a trashy camera


Smirna Kulenović / 2018
You’re Doing Great!!!; Performance, 3 hours

This interactive performance aimed at provoking the exhibitors for a conversation about the work “Bosnian Girl 2”, as well as the financial incapability of artists from underdeveloped countries of exhibiting and taking part in international art festivals, fairs and exhibitions. 

© Smirna Kulenović 
Live Fast Die Young Bad Girls do it Well