Welcome to Paris
In-Situ, Self-Portrait

Living Room Situation and Installation. I have been searching for a possibility to leave Bosnia and immigrate to Europe for the past five years, constantly surviving on the edge; without a working licence and depending on minimal art grants and hospitalities of various art residencies.

I’ve gotten an opportunity to work on my art in Paris, but I couldn’t afford Paris - so I’ve searched for a place to stay for free, over the network of my friends and lovers. This was quite easy, since I am a white, blond, female contemporary artist.

I ended up being hosted by a local family inside a villa in the luxury 16th arrondissement of Paris. The person inside the tent with me is my lover, whose family has shown immense hospitality and to who I am deeply grateful. He, on the other side, doesn’t feel at home in this home, neither. We both slept in this tent, during my stay.

© Smirna Kulenović 
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