4. The European Union is Deeply Concerned


Smirna Kulenović / 2018
The European Union is Deeply Concerned, Public Space Intervention
Border Between Federation BiH and Republika Srpska entities of Bosnia and Herzegovina

    An illegal public space intervention on the wall of the memorial plaque that glorifies the war criminal Ratko Mladić as a hero. The plaque was put up in 2013., when the right-wing nationalist movements started becoming more and more provocative and free in their politics of genocide and war denial, along with the glorification of war crimes - creating a feeling that a new war should happen again.

If I was caught adding the label to this monument, I would get arrested, since police troops of Republika Srpska "guard" the monument for the most of the day and night, to prevent attempts of commenting or intervening with their politics.

This kind of politics became quite "normal" in our society five years later, since in October 2018 Milorad Dodik became a president of Bosnia, a president openly representing fascist narratives and promoting ideas that glorify war crimes. This monument is a 10 mins walk from my home, right after the "border" between two ethnically segregated entities in Bosnia (Federation BiH - Republika Srpska).

Smirna Kulenović / 2018
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