3. The Cyber-Monk: SVETLANA

Smirna Kulenović / 2019
The Cyber-Monk: SVETLANA (Work in Progress)

Teaser of the upcoming audiovisual album exploring the plant and animal species found on the island hidden in the middle of the Atlantic ocean - Flores.

The sounds were extracted from plant electromagnetic fields, then outputted as MIDI signal and translated to music The goal was to repetitively record sounds and frequencies of certain plants, and then produce textures of sound that represent multiple layers of recordings of a single plant, capturing it's time-based and multidimensional existential qualities.

Plant sound: Dicksonia antartica
Animal in the video: Phylloriza punctata

(Both species were native to the Australian coast and then introduced to the Atlantic ocean, finding they way to Flores. Both species are travelers with the same qualities of movement; the plant internally - the jellyfish externally.)


Sound: Smirna Kulenović
Video: JP Carvalho 

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