3. T.I.T.O. (Work in Progress)

Texts extracted from daily news about contemporary political representatives from Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Macedonia (ex-Yugoslavian countries) visualised with the aid of an Artificial Intelligence data visualisation neural network. (scroll down for more info)

Series: Documentary Hallucinations


This is a joint project with the History Museum of BiH, King’s College London and the University of the Arts London. I have been invited to artistically respond to part of the the museum’s art collection from the Yugoslav period which was removed from the storage space in the depot to the main exhibition space.

Portraits created by top Yugoslav artists in one of the many state-organized art residencies in which the task was to visualize the identity of Tito / Museum of History of Bosnia and Herzegovina

I've decided to refer to the the oversaturated production of Tito's image in Yugoslavia, as a starting point for an attempt of creating documentary hallucinations; artificial-intelligence generated portraits of the contemporary political leaders and situations in which they show up in news in Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Macedonia in 2019.

The final exhibition of generated visual results will feature a large mosaic that I intend to create out of thousands of small-scaled images.