3. Someone Washed My Face

Smirna Kulenović / 2018
Someone Washed My Face, Scanned Government-Issued Photo ID

    “This is currently my passport photograph. The document was stolen and then later found in this state, ready to be forged and sold to someone else.” - August, 2018”

 My protest to the rise of the right-wing nationalism influenced my document issuing process, so I could not obtain a passport and attend my performance even in October, 2018. “Sorry I couldn't make it.” is the title of the performance following "Someone Washed My Face" exhibited in Fuori Visioni Festival of Contemporary Art in Italy.

Sorry I couldn't make it / October, 2018
Sorry I couldn’t Make It / 2018
The absent performance in Italy, during Fuori Visioni Festival of Contemporary Art

I’ve invited the audience to feel my absence and read the e-mail I've sent to the festival where I explain why I could not come. The e-mail was placed on an empty chair, on an iPad below the exhibited work.  Members of the audience could reply to the e-mail.

The political context of the work can be best understood in the interview for the Courtauld Institute of Arts, London.



© Smirna Kulenović 
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