A Serious Joking Practice

Giving a flower to horses in Kazbegi / Spotted by locals

    “Every Time I have to do Something, I do Something Else.” (Smi A)
                                   No, let’s play with Artificial Intelligence! (Smi B)
    I combine terror, strangeness, gentleness, truth and lies into documentary hallucinations. I’m a bizarre unification of difficult political/personal subjects and humor — with an aspiration towards a pretentious Femme Biodigital (Svetlana The Cyber-Monk; exercising “smarter life-forms”).

I’m frequently annoyed by human political stupidity. The resulting works reflect upon the meeting of my childhood dreams, traumas and lies with a post-truth reality where death can be postponed by making a landmine field in Portugal, or being a Sufi Anarchist burqua-witch dancing in the streets, next to mass graves intertwining with UFO landings, while healing my PTSP with soundscapes, reading my Tarot Cards with Artificial Intelligence, watching the movement of sand on the beaches becoming evidence for the Highest Courts of Justice... 

So yes, every time I have to do something, I do something else.

I don’t even want to have a website, but they made me do it. At first it took me a year to create a very messy and annoying interface, but I’ve deleted everything this morning cause I’ve confused myself to the point of not eating. Here is a very simple, A and B, binary approach to my identity -- which is completely opposite of my identity.

A Facebook message from Smi to Smi / 14.08.2019. / Click to enlarge

My practice basically consists of Smiing through the world. I combine experimental traveling with performance art, sound art, anarchist direct actions and interventions in public space. But you can read those things in my “serious” bio:

I was born in the war.