Someone Washed My Face
Enlarged Passport Scan

This is currently my passport photograph. The document was stolen and then later found in this state, ready to be forged and sold to someone else.”           
- August, 2018

My protest to the rise of the right-wing nationalism influenced my document issuing process, so I could not obtain a passport or leave the country for 8 months.

I also could notattend my own performance in Fuori Vision Festival in Italy, even in October, 2018.

“Sorry I couldn't make it.” is the title of the performance following "Someone Washed My Face" exhibited in Fuori Visioni Festival of Contemporary Art in Italy.

I’ve invited the audience to feel my absence and read the e-mail I've sent to the festival where I explain why I could not come. The e-mail was placed on an empty chair, on an iPad below the exhibited work.  Members of the audience could reply to the e-mail.

The political context of the work can be best understood in the interview for the Courtauld Institute of Arts, London.

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© Smirna Kulenović 
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