Smirna Kulenović / 2019
Burn me, Arrest and discern me, Sentence me to death;
In-situ performance
Memorial Park “Vraca”

       Standing against the black-grey granite walls of Vraca Memorial Park, with a piece of piece of red fabric drawn up over her body, face, and stretched between her arms, Smirna Kulenović recreates “Žena borac” monument and draws attention to the figure of Radojka Lakić as a heroine, who – like many other women – actively participated in the liberation of the city.  In the photograph, Žena borac statue is reevoked by raising two fists, mimicking the statue’s original stance.

The imprint of the artist’s face is visible through the fabric and is reminiscent of the angular features of the monument. In the resulting image, the tattoo of the word “Ništa” (meaning ‘nothing’) is visible on her right wrist. The action not only draws attention to the continued absence of the statue’s right arm but is also testimony of the difficulties of gaining progress in the fight for women’s rights in the contemporary BiH.
© Smirna Kulenović 
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