Smirna Kulenović / 2019 / August
ČISTA KRV / PURE BLOOD; Performance and Public Space Installation

Photo: Predrag Milašinović
Drone: Dalibor Danilović

       The artist crawls on her knees for 2 kilometers, spreading red paint in front of the abandoned ruins of the industrial zone “Incel” in Banja Luka. During the performance, she paints an abstract red line resembling the spillage of blood, moving from Incel towards the center of the city. She uses a simple brush and buckets in the beginning of the performance, and only her bare hands and body towards the end.

Incel stands for a ghost of the workers self-organization period in Bosnia, whose streets now remain empty and silent, witnessing an ongoing economic and political transition. In 2019., a giant fire destroyed a large part of Incel, resulting in the spillage of toxic perylene that endangered the health of the current workers in the area, as well as all the citizens of Banja Luka. The spillage of perylene was a result of a process of privatization that included clumsy handling of these remnants of the former economy.
© Smirna Kulenović 
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