Smirna Kulenović / 2019
PERIGO MINAS!, Land Art Installation and Performance

The First Fake Landmine Field in Portugal

“In the first grade of elementary school, I’ve had an obligatory subject called LANDMINES. Ever since I was 6 I know everything about landmines; their usage, types, demining processes, tips on surviving hikes through unmarked places in nature -even recognizing which marked places are fake. Yes, even fakes ones exist; a lot of brilliant Bosnians have discovered that putting fake landmine field signs could also be a good way to occupy a piece of land - without having to buy it.”

    An abandoned grass field behind GRILO studios in east Lisbon reminded me exactly of the post-war landscapes of my youth; marked by trash, death and landmine fields, triggering the start of this project.

The initial feeling when stepping on this land was an inherited fear of stepping on a landmine, despite the fact I’m in Portugal, 3000 km away from Bosnia.

I’ve decided to occupy this abandoned field of land with 400m of fake landmine field signs and provoke the local community to gather for drinks and food inside the field, starting the use the space before it gets eaten up by the process of gentrification (like the other Lisbon neighborhoods).

PERIGO MINAS!, Performance video

The installation was finalized through a performance in which I’ve invited the audience to a “coctail party” in nature, and then captured them inside the fake landmine field.

The process of creating the work was completely done by hand ans was used as an outdoor exploration of East Lisbon area, turning the abandoned public spaces into a nomadic art-studios. I’ve spent 2 months collecting wooden stics, digging holes, arranging the land, cutting the fabric, removing dead rats...

© Smirna Kulenović 
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