Smirna Kulenović / 2021 / February
OUR FAMILY GARDEN; Performance and Public Space Installation

Photo: Ajla Salkić

      My grandmother, my mother, and me - planting seeds of wheat inside of war trenches which my grandfather has been digging and using (1992-1995), while he was on the first line of defense of our city during the siege.

My grandmothers' house, where I was living with my family during the war, is just a 5 minutes walk from this location. During all 4 years of the siege of Sarajevo, my grandfather went up to these trenches to defend the city, as well as us. These trenches were also the first "picnic" spot of my childhood, where my grandmother used to take me out, right after the war ended. This location is still forgotten, abandoned and stands haunted by stray dogs, marking another invisible monument.

Zlatište is a hill above my hometown (Sarajevo) where the first line of defense of the city was placed during the war. Civilians, quickly trained to become over-night soldiers have built improvised shelters by digging holes in the ground and making trenches while trying to defend the city with self-organized and improvised munition.

This is my attempt to create a living monument, which I will soon extend into “Our Family Garden II” - a participative ecological and social artwork with 100 women participating, planting new seeds in the trenches through the entire line of defense. 

© Smirna Kulenović 
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