2. Meditation I: Cellular Automata

Smirna Kulenović / 2019
Meditation I - Cellular Automata

    First in the series of semi-modular synthesized soundscape improvisations based on a set of rules found in the basics of Cellular Automaton philosophy.

The goal was to human-construct layers of sound that move along with the principles of Cellular Automata; creating a balance between human and technological input.

This sound installation (8 channels) will premiere on the Coventry Biennial 2019 (October), representing the possible future of Bosnia and Herzegovina - since the cellular automaton (CA) is a specifically shaped group of colored grid cells known for evolving through multiple and discrete time steps according to a rule set depending on neighboring cell states. These steps are repeated multiple times in an iterative manner.


Composed, performed and produced by Smi Smi (Smirna Kulenović) Sarajevo, January 2019.
© All rights reserved.


© Smirna Kulenović 
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