Participative Interspecies Performance, Workshop

MOLGO ARR! explores ways in which we can harmoniously co-habit public spaces with human and non-human lifeforms, by using speculative embodied interspecies communication methods. 

The starting point of this research was the “Third Landscape” of Vimercate - river Molgora, and its inhabiting species. The artist, together with the workshop participants – invents new methods of “walking with” the river, visualizing and sonifying new languages which help to create relationships with insects, plants, animals, rocks, minerals, water, bacteria,…

This project is a result of the artistic research done within the V_AIR Residency, through participative workshop processes I´ve led with 9 highschool-aged participants from Vimercate (IT). The research happened immediately after the end of the strict public space regulations related to COVID - in June, 2021.

Photo Documentation:
Smirna Kulenovic

The full documentation of the workshop and research process can be found here. Materials collected during this research served as a database for the creation of A.I. Visualisations, used in the final video installation in MUSEO MUST (IT), Tarot of Postcapitalist Desire.

© Smirna Kulenović 
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