Smirna Kulenović / 2017
HOW TO BURN A BROOMLESS WITCH?, Contemporary Dance Performance

    This choreography was constructed as an exploration of limitations within the body caused by wearing a burqa - the “mask” itself has been a starting point for the creation of all later layers of the performance.

The title and the guideline for all the performative critical explorations have their roots in the the idea of femininity within the social, religious and political history, specially in relation to the topics of work, invisibility and violence. The philosophical aspects of the performance have been mostly inspired by Silvia Federici's book "Cannibal and The Witch”.

“How to Burn a Broomless Witch” premiered inside the public space of Sarajevo, in front of the Museum of History of Bosnia and Herzegovina - as an opening for the ZVRK Festival of Contemporary Dance and Performance 2017.

 Art Direction, Choreography: Smirna Kulenović
 Dancers/Performers: Smirna Kulenović, Og Yy
 Music Production/Composition: Felix de Rosen
 Production: Contemporary Dance and Performance Festival ZVRK 2017

© Smirna Kulenović 
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