9. Bosnia-Portugal: 1-0

 Smirna Kulenović / 2018
 Bosnia-Portugal: 1-0, Interactive Performance, Zaratan Gallery Lisbon

    The performance “Bosnia-Portugal: 1-0” questions the  possibilities of self-organization within the local
community in order to resist the massive gentrification process in Lisbon.

Performance Flow / I was laying on the floor during the entire performance and doing nothing,
except for the first 2 mins when “hyping” people and giving instructions.

The performance was constructed as a game where I ask the audience to self-organize in order to carry
the sand and cement from one part of the space to the other, in very small cups and beach toys -- in order
to throw it on my body, as a burial.

Gallery space before and after the performance / All photos by Carlos Campos

I have gathered the sand for the performance here.