Smirna Kulenović
©  2019 


I was born in the war, during the siege of Sarajevo. They like to label me as a "post-war context from a 3rd World Country". I don't produce shiny objects. For me, art is not a matter of fashion, it's a matter of survival.

I have never chosen context as the primary medium of my work - but the context instead has chosen me; not allowing me to eat, breathe or reflect upon things too distant from my own life experience.

I am a serious joker.
It's my only way to survive; combining terror, strangeness, gentleness, truth and lies into documentary hallucinations. 
The bizarre unification of difficult political/personal subjects and humor.

I ask for freedom of having multiple personas in my practice; refusing to take the burden of being a “recognizeable” product of the art market. I work with performance art, sound art, experimental music, photography, activism, direct anarchist action, community building, permaculture, experimental traveling and life.

I am a serious joker.

The resulting works reflect upon the meeting of my childhood dreams, traumas and lies with a post-truth reality where death can be postponed by making a landmine field in Portugal, or being a Sufi Anarchist burqua-witch dancing in the streets, next to mass graves intertwining with UFO landings, while healing my PTSP with science-based soundscapes, reading my Tarot Cards with Artificial Intelligence, watching the movement of sand on the beaches becoming evidence for the Highest Courts of Justice...

I am a serious joker.

I actually don’t want to have a website.
This looks very serious.